The stunning model was careless, the blouse came down and as they noticed in the comments, they showed more than they should have…

Elena Kremlidou has managed to constantly occupy the news, either with some revealing photos of her or with her presence on Survivor or with statements, such as that she will open an account on Onlyfans!

The impressive model, of course, in the past also had some… accidents as a guest on shows, when her breasts were shown once and once her underwear with a short skirt.

But Kremlidou… struck again, this time on tik-tok, where she didn’t pay much attention to what she uploaded and as her online friends noticed, her breasts were revealed!


Bombshell from Elena Kremlidou, that’s why Onlyfans opens – Survivor money revelation! (Video)

Elena Kremlidou made a revelation that will be discussed, who in an interview she did on her YouTube channel with Dionysis Atzarakis, talked about her business plans.

So the stunning model, when asked if she would create an account on Onlyfans, revealed: “I talk about it a lot, but not naked. I’m already doing it on Instagram like hell, why not get paid. Onlyfans is… scumbag. I will upload new photos. I don’t know, I’m thinking about it a lot, since I did it for Playboy and didn’t get paid.”

Elena Kremlidou also revealed that after two months in Survivor she returned with health and psychological problems and that now she is positive to go to Agios Dominicos, only because the money is very good!

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