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This site contains images and content of an erotic nature. If this offends your morals or morals, you are asked to leave. By continuing to browse, you represent that you are an adult under Greek law and that you accept the content.

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We are not employers

We are not employers of female escorts placed on our websites. They are agencies and/or independent escorts who have ensured that all services offered are compliant under existing legislation. Furthermore, the staff working to manage and develop this site provide absolutely no professional service (photography, advertising, etc.) other than IT Support.

As long as you are over 18 years old and have accepted to be on the website, you do not feel offended in any way.


Your interest in all data is purely private and the content of this website is for personal use only.

Any violation of this fundamental and binding rule shall be immediately reported to the competent authorities of this country.

Link Exchange

The website Escortsinthessaloniki.com and the owner does not allow you under any circumstances to use our logo as a "link" in order to link to our website. Exchanging links is considered an illegal tactic. If by chance we discover links to our website that are not considered "natural" they will be added to the disavow list.

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If you have any questions, you can contact the webmaster directly at info@escortsinthessaloniki.com or the phone numbers listed on the website

Escortsinthessaloniki.com has taken technical measures to ensure the protection of personal data during its transmission, management and storage, but the nature of the internet is such that nothing can guarantee the absolute protection. For this reason, you can also contact us by alternative means (e.g. by phone).

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No further data is recorded nor is there any other way of collecting data.